The First Philadelphia “Cannavation” Panel (2-18-15)

East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) members Vanessa Maria and I traveled to Philadelphia to take part in the first “Cannavation” gathering on February 18, 2015.  Cannavation is a new organization in Philadelphia that hosts networking events for cannabis advocates, entrepreneurs and professionals.  The first event was held at 420 Green Street, since 420 Green Street and Greenhouse Ventures LLC are both supporters of Cannavation.

The first event consisted of a 5-person panel discussion, including the two famous Philly activists: N.A. Poe and Chris Goldstein.  The other three panelists included Claudia Post, Marc Brodzik and Lindy Snider.  Panelists discussed numerous topics, such as the possibility of entrepreneurs launching their own cannabis industries in the near-future.  The 50 persons in attendance were allowed to ask questions and join in on the conversation, making the event much more exciting than a typical panel.

The discussions were civil and everyone stayed after the panel to socialize and network (and smoke, of course).  It was great to see friends of mine like the two Phils’ from NJ (head of Fully Baked Radio and, Philly-NORML member Jamie Graham, and William Haney, who sells American flags with marijuana-leaf symbols.  I also made new cannabis connections such as Eric Butz, host of Butz & Butz Sports Radio, as well as many other people who handed out emails.

Patrick Gaughan (front-left), Eric Butz (back-left), Phil (back-right), Kyle Moore (front-right) socializing after panel.

Patrick Gaughan (front-left), Eric Butz (back-left), Phil (back-right), Kyle Moore (front-right) socializing after panel.

Whether you’re a marijuana veteran or a new face to the movement, Cannavation is a great place to make connections with marijuana supporters around Philadelphia.  Panels and meetings are expected to take place in the near-future, and I recommend anyone interested in learning more about cannabis in any field should come on down to the next event.  Until then, check out the “Cannavation” Facebook page.


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