Democracy Spring Press Release

My name is Kyle Moore, candidate for New Jersey’s Third Congressional District under the Legalize Marijuana Party (LMP).  In the month of April 2016, I will wear a black-and-white striped prison uniform to protest the massive arrests of cannabis users in this country.  Previously this year I sent out my Press Release for the launching of my Congressional campaign. See NJ Legalize Marijuana Party Facebook Page.

On Monday, April 4, I went to the Department of Elections in Trenton and handed in 50 signatures for Bernie Sanders to be placed on the primary ballot in NJ. Only 1,000 signatures were required, but I learned 10,000 were handed in. But I collected my signatures outside the Democratic Party because I opposed the head of NJ’s campaign for Sanders, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, because he opposed legalization of cannabis. In February, I wrote him a letter exposing the hypocrisy over the fact that Wisniewski opposed legalization, despite the fact Bernie Sanders supports legalization. See Letter to NJ Senate.

I will wear my prison uniform and smoke during “Democracy Spring” , a 10-day march from April 2-11 to demand money out of politics, which will conclude with a massive sit-in at the White House.  I will join this march on Tuesday, April 5, in Newark, Delaware.  Currently 3,098 persons have pledged to risk arrest from April 11-16, including famous names such as actor Mark Ruffalo.  I plan on smoking a joint and wearing my prison uniform during my arrest. I will be representing the East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) and LMP in this march, representing the fact that cannabis prohibition is the result of government officials taking donations from Big Pharma, private prisons, and other prohibitionist companies. This leads to corrupt politicians like Governor Chris Christie. The nonviolent demonstration has been reported on heavily by the media, including the Washington TimesInquisitr.comSputniknews.comMSNBC,  fastcoexist.comNews OneTruth Outand the Wisconsin Gazette.  I will also take part in the protests, teach-ins, and meetings in D.C. during “Democracy Awakening”, three days of action inspired by Democracy Spring.

On April 4, I released an online video in support of Bernie Sanders and my endorsement of Democracy Spring.  See  kyle moore.mp4  or see  Democracy Spring Press Release. (Also posted on NJ Legalize Marijuana Party Facebook Page and Kyle Moore’s Facebook Page.)

On April 2, I joined a Smoke-Out in Washington D.C. to demand the Obama Administration to deschedule cannabis on the federal level, called “Reschedule 4/20” rally, which was inspired by Bill Maher smoking on television.This rally, hosted by DCMJ, has gained a lot of press publicity, and I am seen smoking in videos posted by Reason Magazine and ABC News, and I am carrying the 51-foot joint in Now This.

Returning to New Jersey with the knowledge of tactics used during Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening, I will lead the “Third Annual 420 Trenton Smoke-Out” on April 20 in front of the State House.  We will rally at Trenton City Hall at 2:00 P.M., then march with numerous banners at 2:30.  We will arrive at the State House at 3:00, and have speeches made until 4:15.  At 4:20, hundreds will smoke at the State House in civil disobedience, demanding full legalization.  I will be wearing my prison uniform, speaking at the State House, as well as smoking at the State House. This is the third year in a row NJWeedman and I will smoke with others outside the State House on April 20, beginning in 2014. As of now no one has ever been arrested at the Smoke-Outs by police.  I also led the 250-person Trenton protest on October 18, 2014; the Trenton protest with 350 persons on March 21, 2015; the April 20, 2015 Trenton rally; the May 2, 2015, 100-person Camden Poor People’s Parade for Pot; the July 10, 2015, 300-person Philly Smoke Down for Prohibition 2.0; the October 17, 2015, 100-person Trenton rally; and the November 5, 2015, Smoke-Out at Trenton City Council.

Below I posted 8 pictures from April 4, 2016, taken at NJ Weedman’s Joint, Liberty Bell Sanctuary III, and City Hall.  Please feel free to copy and paste these pictures and use them in future articles and such.  Contact me at this email or call me at 856-313-1244.  

democracy spring 1

Kyle Moore at Liberty Bell Temple III

democracy spring 2

democracy spring 3

Kyle Moore at NJ Weedman’s Joint

democracy spring 4

democracy spring 5

democracy spring 6

democracy spring 7

Kyle Moore at City Hall

democracy spring 8


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