420 Smoke-Out Press Release


My name is Kyle Moore and this is my press release for the Third Annual 420 Trenton Smoke-Out on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  I am one of the organizers of the rally hosted by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition, and I have organized the previous cannabis protests in Trenton, Camden and Philadelphia in the past two years.

I have recently returned from D.C., after getting arrested with hundreds of people for Democracy Spring, where the founders of “Ben & Jerry’s” ice cream were arrested.  I marched from Delaware to D.C. from April 5-10, and was arrested on the biggest day of arrests, Monday, April 11, at the Capitol Building, with more than 430 people.  I performed the entire march in a black and white prison outfit, and was arrested in it as well.  I then protested in support of those getting arrested from April 12-14.  By Monday, April 18, between 1,200 and 1,400 persons were arrested.  (See pictures 1-4 of my arrest and $50 citation below)
I am now bringing the message of Democracy Spring to the State House of Trenton, NJ, on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  I will wear my prison costume again and perform a sit-in and smoke-out outside Governor Christie’s office, where I will speak about how pharmaceutical companies and private prison lobbying are the main cause of marijuana prohibition. (See pictures 5 and 6 below of me smoking at Trenton City Hall in my prison outfit on April 4, 2016.)  Only by getting money out of politics can the people have a rational discussion about marijuana legalization.  I am personally running for the 3rd Congressional District for the Legalize Marijuana Party, with a platform of rejecting big money.  I have smoked at every single rally, and not a single arrest has been made at any previous smoke-outs. See Facebook page for Third Annual 420 Trenton Smoke-Out.

On April 20, over 100 people will begin marching from Trenton City Hall at 2:30 P.M., carrying signs in support of legalization and denouncing Christie’s recent attacks on medical marijuana for women with menstrual cramps.  At 3:00 P.M. speeches will begin outside the State House, including myself dressed in my prison outfit.  At 4:20, over a hundred of us will smoke outside the State House to protest Christie’s lack of compassion for medical marijuana treatment.  NJWeedman and I have sworn to smoke even if one, ten, one hundred, or one thousand cops are there because it is our moral obligation to defy the unjust laws of Christie’s prohibition of cannabis.   The event is hosted by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition. For an entire list of the speakers, see the Facebook page for the rally. NJWeedman has already invited Governor Chris Christie to join us in smoking a joint on 4-20 in his latest article for the Trentonian, “Mr. Christie, 4/20 is here again.”  This subject was then reported on by New Jersey 101.5.

Also present at the 420 smoke-out will be the fake, large marijuana joint that is making its way down the East Coast.  The East Coast Cannabis Coalition launched the Unity Cypher March on April 14, and it will pass through each state along the Coast to show the unity among cannabis organizations.  On April 19, the Unity Cypher will appear at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Narcotic Drugs (UNGASS).  The Unity Cypher will appear in Trenton on April 20, where it will be lit and carried down State Street, and people will light up beside it at 4:20 P.M. 

Christie’s rejection of cannabis for menstrual camps shows that his arrogance on helping people has no bounds.  He is now oppressing all women, just like he has oppressed medical marijuana patients, veterans with PTSD, and everyday Americans who drank the more dangerous substance of alcohol because cannabis wasn’t a viable alternative due to Christie’s laws.  Christie will come up with every lie in the book to keep cannabis illegal because those who funded his campaign with millions of dollars wanted it that way. Christie is in bed with big corporations, which is why he has lower approval ratings in the state than marijuana legalization, which has nearly twice the support as he does.

Any reporter can feel free to arrive at NJ Weedman’s Joint on 322 E. State Street, across the street from City Hall, where demonstrators will gather prior to the march. I can be reached at 856-313-1244.  

 Thank You,
Kyle Moore.

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