Newark March For Bernie Sanders

newark 1

On Saturday, June 4, 2016, nearly 50 Bernie supporters marched in Newark, NJ, building the momentum of Sanders campaign for the upcoming June 7 primary.  The event was organized by several persons involved in organizing other Bernie rallies around the Garden State.  Hence why they called the rally: “Newark’s time to shine! March for Bernie.”  A diverse crowd gathered outside City Hall, where we stayed for an hour taking pictures, handing out literature and holding signs up to oncoming traffic.  I once again received a lot of compliments on my black-and-white prison suit, which I’ve appeared in for Democracy Spring, marijuana protests, and Bernie protests in Hoboken and Asbury Park. In Newark I marched with two Democracy Spring persons, Meg and Christina.

newark 2

newark 3

This was the first Bernie rally that the Bus for Progress could not attend, due to canvassing in other areas that day.  But activists still brought out new banners of Bernie. There was also a serious emphasis on recruiting and speaking out to Hispanics, blacks and other minorities.  Newark is a heavily populated city of minorities, and therefore the march was led by local black leaders, such as Lawrence Hamm of People’s Organization for Progress (POP).  Most bystanders cheered for us on the busy sidewalks, but those who didn’t were met by a local activist who explained the situation to them about Clinton’s corruptness and Bernie’s perceived incorruptibility.

newark 4

newark 6

We marched in different directions for about 20 minutes, before we marched to our last spot.  The rally concluded a few blocks down from City Hall at “Dinosaur’s BBQ” for food and conversation.  Unfortunately there was no press at the march, except for one photographer who appeared independent, and hasn’t seemed to publish anything yet.  Yet if Hillary Clinton or Trump could even get just a few people to organize a march for them, then the media would go nuts and would claim the enthusiasm for tweedle dee or tweedle dum would somehow be better than Bernie’s.  But no one wants to march for something they don’t really believe in.

newark 5


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