Our First Stand: Save Health Care Protests

When Trump won the election one of his first attacks was on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a., Obamacare. At first Bernie Sanders said he was willing to work with Trump to improve upon the ACA by expanding medicaid, medicare, and healthcare. But by December 2016, when Republicans made clear he planned on cutting such programs and would kick more than 20 million people off their health insurance, Bernie called for a national day of protests for January 15, 2017, to save healthcare under “Our First Stand: Save our Health Care.” With language similar to Bernie’s “Our Revolution,” he extended his political power beyond the year 2016.  Democrats jumped on board to the idea like Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

Thousands of people and dozens of cities protested on January 15. The headline of Slate.com read, “Thousands Join Rallies Across the United States to Save Obamacare.”Sanders headlined a rally of more than 10,000 people in Macomb County, Michigan, a previous blue-state which went red and led to Trump’s victory. Hundreds attended a rally at Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well. Democratic politicians spoke at most of the rallies. Democrats spoke to more than 1,500 people in Bowie, Maryland. NJ candidate for Governor this year John Wisniewski hosted a rally in Jersey City, while Cory Booker spoke in Newark, NJ. Cannabis activists under the East Coast Cannabis Coalition held a rally in Trenton, NJ, to emphasize medical marijuana to be added to our health care system  According to the Chicago Tribune protests broke out in San Francisco, Los Angeles; Johnston, Rhode Island; Richmond, Virginia, and Boston. According to the Boston Globe, more than 6,000 people attended the Boston rally, where Elizabeth Warren spoke. Joan Baez, who was arrested in Oakland protesting the Vietnam War back in 1967, joined 2,000 people at San Francisco City Hall 50 years later.

A list on Reddit for Bernie Sanders showed 41 cities holding rallies that Sunday. Other sources claimed more than 50 cities took part. The Huffington Post reported that Sanders said protests took place in more than 70 cities that day.  Elite Daily  showed that hundreds protested in Philadelphia and Hartford, Connecticut.  Protests also took place in Westbury, New York; Milwaukee; Sacramento, CA; Bozeman, Montana; Sioux City, Iowa; Seattle; Burlington, Vermont; Columbus, Ohio; Chicago; 600 people protested in Portland, Maine; Tampa, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina . NBC reported dozens of people in Buffalo, New York, and more than a hundred people attended a town hall in Aurora, Colorado. In Denver more than 200 people attended a town hall while another 200 rallied outside. People also protested in front of Trump Towers in New York City. Martin O’Malley led a sing-along at the Utah Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, according to NPR.


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